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Women who lead, read.

Image from cosmopolitan

We started the #LWLbookclub so we could talk about the female authors we were most excited about. The kind of writers whose books you want to tell everyone about and carry around with you forever. Since then, we’ve reviewed almost 100 titles, as well as podcasts, films and TV shows. And by golly, we’ve learnt A LOT. We’ve been taught by the likes of Reni Eddo Lodge and Emma Gannon on a spectrum of subjects: from race, gender and politics to dating, mermaid sex (yes, really) and social media. And for every page turned or episode watched, we’ve come away a little richer: more compassionate, more knowledgeable, more open-minded and more inspired than ever. As always, Laura Bates is on point. As we read, watch, listen and engage with the important issues around us, the better placed we become to help shape this big, bold, glorious feminist revolution. We’re all leaders: reading, learning and empowering those around us. We can’t wait to continue our mission in 2019 and connect you with more incredible female writers, producers, directors and broadcasts, so together we can kick injustice’s butt. But for now, it’s time for Mariah, mince pies and getting merry. See you in the new year!

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