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International Day of Dance

by Tara Smith, Founder of Tara's Busy Kitchen and Ballet Teacher

What does dancing mean to you? A late night drunken boogie in a night club, a romantic pause, a sense of freedom?

For me it is a way of life. It’s not just my career choice, it is a true passion. From the first ballet lesson I took part in as a child I knew I never wanted that feeling to end. I really was hooked from day one.

Thankfully for me I had a natural aptitude. My body had the right components to make ballet easier. I had the flat turnout, the strong arched foot and the flexibility required to be a good dancer, but I also had the love of dance in my heart. I wanted to succeed and be the very best I could be in my chosen field. I had that drive required to never give up despite highs and lows.

Now, many years later I have the best teaching qualifications available in the ballet world and have achieved fantastic exam results throughout my life. Of course my hard work, practice and determination was a big part in my development as a dancer but I couldn’t have got to where I am now without three strong, amazing women; my mentors in dance.

Jan Cload was my first ballet teacher and the lady who instilled that love of dance in me from day one. Sue Phillips was the first teacher I had that really inspired me and gave me the confidence to dance without fear. Rachael Hunt was the technician that told me that I should never give up and that nothing was beyond my grasp.

Without these women I wouldn’t be the person and teacher I am today. Each had their part in my path that has enabled me to be a successful and respected teacher and I am eternally grateful for their input.

As a Royal Academy of Dance ballet teacher I hope that one day my students will look back on their lives and list me as one of their inspirations be it in dance or in everyday life. It’s then I will know that I have done my job to the best of my ability.

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