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Why retreats are so important in the modern day?

We spoke to the dream team behind The Reset, Vicky and Lauren about why in 2018 the idea of Retreats is so important. The Reset is designed for women like you…by women like you. Retreats are popping up everywhere – yoga retreats, meditation retreats, digital detox retreats, fitness retreats. Why? And more importantly, why now?

Why retreats are so important in the modern day

You’ve logged on to Instagram for a quick browse. The first image that pops up is a group shot of women, arms around one another stood in a beautiful woodland, smiling at the camera.

You flick to the caption. They’ve just come back from a retreat. And the girl posting? She can’t tell you how amazing it’s made her feel and how it’s changed her perspective on so many things in her life. She recommends it to anyone else who needs a reset. 

Retreats are popping up everywhere – yoga retreats, meditation retreats, digital detox retreats, fitness retreats. Why? And more importantly, why now? 

Because we are capable of more than a life scrolling through social media 

There’s no getting away from the fact the digital age we live in keeps us hooked to technology day and night. It stimulates us and not always in a good way. 

We get instant gratification from posting a picture on social media and seeing the likes roll in. But how can we create a feeling that actually lasts? And sometimes doesn’t social media make life feel a bit… well… meaningless?

The temporary, throw-away nature of our online lives means we’re looking for something deeper. We know we have the capability to achieve more than an existence scrolling through Instagram, but sometimes we just need help getting started. Taking a break away from everything and focusing on ourselves, our habits, our thoughts and our goals can give us back this purpose. 

Because we expect more from our holidays

Just as we expect more from our work lives (no Millennial is going to be a job-for-lifer like their parents), we’re starting to expect more from our down-time too. 

Long gone are the days of sitting in the same resort for two weeks with only chick-lit for entertainment. We now expect, and can readily access, holidays and breaks that add value, inspiration and adventure to our lives. 

Want to learn to cook better? There’s a holiday for that. Want to immerse yourself in meditation after trying out Headspace? There’s a retreat for that. Want to learn tips and tools for a more positive mindset? Someone’s designed the perfect holiday just for you. 

Because they’re a great way to meet like-minded people

The best way to make changes in your life is to surround yourself with people who feel and think like you. Or better, people already doing what you’d love to be doing but just don’t know where to start.

The Ladies-Who-Launch tag-line – ‘you cannot be who you cannot see’ is spot on here. 

Attending a retreat will open you up to a diverse group of people who have similar interests and ambitions to you. Many women attend retreats on their own and come back with a new support network and friends that they might otherwise never have crossed paths with.

If you think a retreat might be the right thing for you then check out what The Reset has to offer. They’re retreats designed for women like you, by women like you. Head to for more information and look out for Lauren and Vicky's stories on our Launch Pad soon.

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