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Walk to Work Day

by Stephanie Newport-Booth, Co-Founder GoSweat

Could you - would you - walk to work for just one day? Avoid the rush of the underground, the chaos of the roads and simply walk to work? The 6th April is national ‘Walk to Work Day’, so there really has never been a better opportunity to give it a go.

You’ll be surprised by just how quick it is to get around town by foot. In London it can take less than an hour to get from Zone 3 to Zone 1 when you’re walking, and you’re bound to see more than you would on the underground.

Here are just some of the benefits walking to work could have:

Environment: Most people (expect the blonde tangerine across The Pond, aka Donald Trump…) accept that greenhouse gases are damaging our beautiful planet. For a 3 mile commute, we’re talking over 1200 grams of CO2 being emitted into the earth's atmosphere. That’s over 900,090 grams a year! We can all reduce our carbon footprint by choosing to use our feet.

Emotionally: Giving yourself time in the great outdoors can also be a serious mood booster. Our bodies react positively to receiving Vitamin D, especially in the mornings, so when we typically jump out of bed and straight onto the underground, only to then re-emerge into an artificially lit office, we’re depriving our bodies of light.

Physically: As a co-founder of GoSweat, the fastest growing Sports Marketplace in the UK - connecting users with local sports and fitness providers, I’m going to be a little biased but… physically moving your body is the greatest energy booster. Plus it is a great opportunity to socialise, and meet new people. Walking to work, could help you find time to catch up with friends and family, not to mention increase your step count. Once you’re hooked to those endorphins, why not check out GoSweat to see what sports and fitness is around you? From Candlelit Yoga to Silent Disco Bootcamps, and even Quidditch - GoSweat have got something for everyone.

So grab your trainers this Friday and head to the pavement, to stomp some concrete on your way to work. #WalktoWorkDay
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