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This April on our Launch Pad

To celebrate our 1st birthday we will be launching 24 amazing stories onto our Launch Pad. That's right, 24 amazing new stories.

We are so fortunate to receive so many amazing stories and in our birthday dizziness we have decided to share an extra bunch of them with you this month.

Each week a new story and a new voice goes onto our Launch Pad. There is no greater joy for all of us on the LWL team than to receive an unexpected submission into our inbox. It's a find a quiet corner moment - and prepare to be amazed, humbled and inspired.

Sometimes (more than we would like), we hear, “I’m not interesting enough to be on the

site but I just wanted to reach out” or “what I do isn’t special enough but I can I recommend someone else to feature?".

Can we just say, once and for all – what you do is interesting and inspiring because of the way you do it. You are unique and your story is different to everybody else’s. What might seem mundane to you is awe inspiring for the next person.

We need you and your story, please don’t undervalue your own importance - let us celebrate it.

5th April:

Nisha Garigarn - Alex Grainger - Suze Hemming - Bernita Shaw - Roberta Lindall - Scarlett Dixon

12th April:

Emily Sweerts de Landas - Emma Winterschladen - Jessie Bartholomew - Judy and Anouska The Office Club - Joey O'Hare - Taylor Weiss

19th April:

Emily Zemler - Rebecca Brittain - Myf Ryan - Melanie Charles - Mimmi Gray - Melissa Kimbell

26th April:

Alexandra Dudley - Kimberly d'Gama - Naomi Light - Fab Giovanetti - Steph Lyse - Hana Manthorpe

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