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The Advent of Change

by Emma Tattersall

This December we wanted to shine a little spotlight on the people, organisations and gifts that really do give something back. Christmas doesn't have to just be about giving, it can also be a time to really think about how we can all give back.

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, nothing was stirring…well that’s not strictly true. This time two years ago, Kristina Salceanu was sitting at her kitchen table most definitely stirring. As she researched she tapped into the growing ethical consumer market, the 20% YOY rise of advent calendar purchases and the fact that 40% of donations are made to charity at Christmas time. And it was at this kitchen table, not in a manger, that her idea for a business that could raise funds and awareness for charities at the most charitable time of the year was born.

Advent of Change is a non-profit with a mission: to help make the world a more fair, equal and sustainable place. They create products, namely advent calendars, whose purchase translates in a donation to multiple charities while raising awareness for their amazing work.

With advent calendars coming in every shape and size – we’re thinking the Gregg’s advent calendar which included shepherds paying homage to a sausage roll in a manger to the Amazon advent calendar jumper (um question…do you hang the jumper up, like a normal advent calendar or do you wear your jumper, ready-packed with gifts?) – the market is booming. But the ethical, charitable and conscious choices are few and far between.

But Advent of Change is the perfect product to make charity a mainstream element of the advent calendar market. These ethical, environmentally conscious calendars are a great way for people to connect with new charitable projects and to open-up the conversation at home over your granola about what causes we can all support.

And these calendars cover all bases – from huge regional charities fighting homelessness and poverty, to small scale charities with a three strong team – Advent of Change works with over 72 organisations to not only raise much needed funds but also awareness for causes in desperate need of a champion.

“We are impartial about our charitable choices”, Kristina tells me, “we look for a good geographical spread and try to make sure as many sectors as possible are covered. The perfect diversity of donations”.

And it’s not just during advent that this change can enter our homes. Their latest product covers 12 months, 12 charities and 12 missions that will help the planet, animals, the people around you and even your own well-being. Forget New Year’s Resolutions - the World Changer Calendar is the perfect way to get organised for the year ahead, offering a clear space for birthdays, holidays and event entries, as well as donating to charity every month of the year.

Kristina is a big advocate of small ripples making big waves. She wants to inspire small changes in the day-to-day lives of her customers and to make having a positive impact on the world an easy part of their everyday.

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