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Take a bite out of the Squirrel Sister's first cookbook

Peanut butter and popped quinoa cookies. Cauli-cheese quesadillas. Mocha breakfast balls. Mouth watering yet? Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell are masters of naturally delicious snacks and treats. In their first cookbook, the founders of Squirrel Sisters will tempt you page by page with mouth-wateringly simple recipes.

Created with the aim of helping busy bees whip up a tasty snack or two, this book will give you the inspiration and tools to create quick and wholesome bites - whether on the go, in the office or at home. The brilliance of this book, however, is its versatility. You can’t help but reimagine their snack-sized recipes as the perfect starter for your next dinner party (we’ve got our eye on you, Moroccan harissa chickpeas) or the wow dish at that potluck summer BBQ (hello sausage and mash-up).

What makes Gracie and Sophie brilliant cooks - and even better authors - is their ability to turn wholesome ingredients into impressive plates with minimal fuss. For the Squirrel Sisters, healthy isn’t boring. Good food makes you feel great, while tasting amazing. This mindset informs every recipe in their book, making it a joy to cook from… and an even bigger joy to eat from.

We’re giving one lucky Instagrammer the change to win a copy of Naturally Delicious Snacks and Treats by Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell. All you need to do is head to our Instagram feed and tag your very own squirrel sister.

Naturally Delicious Snacks and Treats by Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell. Published by Pavilion Books, 2018.

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