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Launching a new product in lockdown

by Jocelyn Darko Tsotovor

Coming into the year 2020, I was in touch with manufacturers on how my idea of a water bottle with time indicators that encouraged others to drink will be made.

Disappointingly, we got the first few months of 2020 when everything should have been firing ahead and it seemed nothing was moving at all. The year had gone beyond anyone’s expectations of what a year could possibly be. The world was in a standstill, nations locked down and a ‘new normal’ way of life introduced.

But I decided I wouldn't let the global pandemic stop me and the plans we had for our new product.

I wanted to created a waterbottle that would help remind us to stay hydrated all day long. The SHEGGS Bottle had to be made from BPA free, non-toxic, frosted, shatter-resistant Tritan plastic, with an hourly time indicator (Am-Pm) and a sleek brass lid with silicone gasket. I wanted to create something lightweight and durable with a one litre capacity refill.

So how could I get this idea into a product when nobody was able to get to work, manufacturers were in lockdown and the negativity was seeping in?

I decided to stay positive and keep in touch with our manufacturer who kindly produced samples of our design for us as soon as they were permitted to go out to work. There's nothing more exciting than finally getting your hands on the physical representation of an idea you've had in your mind.

And now in July, the SHEGGS Time Indicator water bottle is crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The journey isn't over yet, but I wanted to share that despite all the obstacles, we are well on our way.

About Jocelyn

I am a mum of four, former Health Visitor turned Mumpreneur. I am married to numbers crunching Accountant Ed and together we live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. I started Sheggs with the aim of creating simple solutions to everyday issues through design. The SHEGGS Time Marker Water Bottle has been made with you in mind; grab yours today.

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