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She’s Not Good for a Girl, She’s Just Good!

Calling all mini feminists (and their parents). This week’s #LWLbookclub choice is a playfully illustrated children’s book all about gender equality by launching lady, Suze Hemming. Outdated stories that paint girls as princesses and boys as their prince charming just aren’t relevant or helpful in a world where we’re trying to fight #everydaysexism. Words are powerful, and this charming story distills the message of parity for little ones, making it fun, accessible and inspiring.

The loveable main character, Flo, is a sporty girl who can’t believe her classmate Frank’s silly assumption that girls can’t throw. To prove her classmates wrong and smash the age-old stereotype that girls are rubbish at sports, Flo challenges him to a ball toss and race. The delightful twist is that Flo doesn’t win outright. It’s a draw. They’re equal. She exclaims “I’m a girl, you’re a boy and we’re both winners.” And Frank? Let’s just say he definitely ends up an honorary member of the sisterhood.

The best children’s books aren’t just about clever rhyming or colourful illustrations - both of which She’s Not Good for a Girl, She’s Just Good has in abundance - they have a purpose, a genuine value that’s woven into every page. As a younger years text, Suze Hemming’s story does a brilliant job at empowering girls to stand up for themselves and take pride in their interests, whatever they may be. It teaches boys that feminism is their concern too, and equality is something that we can all achieve together. The book will certainly make an impression on even the littlest of listeners, and is guaranteed to leave you with a serious case of the warm and fuzzies.

All together now... “she’s not good for a girl, she’s just good!”

A note on the author: Suze Hemming was a stay at home mum to her daughter, Thea, when she put pen to paper, and began to write rhyming children’s stories. She was becoming increasingly fed up of books about pink princesses, who waited for the prince to whisk them away. After finding there was a limited choice of inspiring and empowering books for girls, she decided to start writing. The idea to self-publish one of her stories and set up a publishing company, led to Thea Chops Books, and the start of a new career as author and publisher. Read her interview over on The Launch Pad now.

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She’s Not Good for a Girl, She’s Just Good by Suzanne Hemming. Published by Thea Chops Books, 2017.

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