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Reflecting on life in lockdown

by Emma Tattersall, Georgia Lombard and Bex McKinty

Image by Marion Belliot

As the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic swept through homes all over the world we reached out to you to speak about how you were all finding life in lockdown.

We were all in the same storm, but my goodness were the ships different. For some it was a hugely distressing time for so many people, a lovely and much needed break for others and a whole load of up and down for most.

So Georgia, Emma and Bex put their heads together and decided to launch this mini series of posts focusing on life in lockdown for those with caring responsibilities. At the outset we thought this might show how many domestic tasks some people are having to absorb into daily routines alongside working remotely full time. But thanks to all the amazing responses we received, it seemed the nuances of this juggling act were a lot more complex.

We asked how lockdown was affecting working life and pre-lockdown routine, but also about support groups and networks that had sprung up in this challenging time providing company, resources and much needed assistance for so many.

So a massive thank you to everyone who has responded, and we hope you all find this series enjoyable and insightful to read.

Emma, Georgia & Bex

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