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Our new questionnaire

So it's been two years since we launched the first eight incredible stories onto our site, can you believe it? Because we certainly can't.

Since then, we have been incredibly fortunate to share hundreds of stories from women all over the world and to mark this important milestone we have been sitting around eating birthday cake and planning for the next 24 months ahead.

As this platform grows, we want to let you all shape the journey. We spoke to some of our nearest and dearest in the community and we talked about ways we could evolve and develop the content we are sharing with you all week in, week out.

So, as we get ready to blow out more candles this weekend - we wanted to share with you something rather exciting and special. After careful consideration, and lots of brainstorming on sticky notes, we have decided to refresh our Launch Pad questionnaire. SURPRISE!

Our Launch pad is all about providing better insight into the amazing things women are doing day-in-day-out. This is a space where women can answer simple questions about what makes them happy, and be celebrated by a community who want to support their success.

These 15 questions are designed to inspire and intrigue. Some of them will look a little familiar, but there are also some new faces amongst the old favourites. We want to shine a spotlight on to the amazing things you are doing, but also the things and people you care about. We want to encourage us all to talk more openly about failure and about the things that worry us.

Here at LWL, we believe that having a story to tell shouldn't be linked to a single definition of success. We want to hear from female founders, super mums, university students, CEOs, intrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, colleagues, friends, writers, retirees, freelancers, corporates... every story matters to us.

LWL is all about having a forum to share our own paths through life, and showcasing different routes and journeys to instil in other women confidence about their potential.

To launch our new format questionnaire, our LWL team will be sharing their stories over the next week. So head get yourself a cup of tea, a piece of celebratory cake and head over to our Launch Pad now to read the first in this series from our founder Emma.

Bon appetit.

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