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Fact-collecting is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m that annoying person who loves to share a juicy stat or some obscure piece of general knowledge whether or not it’s entirely relevant. So when I came across the Ologies podcast hosted by Alie Ward, I was very pleased with myself. My dinner party tidbit game was about to go up a gear. 

In each episode, Alie interviews an ‘ologist’ to get down and dirty on the specifics of their field. So naturally I got stuck in with sex and cats (sexology and felinology respectively). But there are tons of topics to choose from, from the latest episode on Victimology to ‘ologies’ you didn’t know existed. Cheloniology anyone? The study of… SEA TURTLES! 

What makes Ologies so listenable is Alie’s down-to-earth interview style. She calls out the flimflam (officially my new favourite word of 2K19) and encourages her listeners to ask the smart people on her sofa dumb questions. After all, how do you get to the good stuff without a few ‘what ifs’. So if laughing while you learn is up your street, make Ologies the next podcast on your playlist.

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