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Not Your Usual Sales Book

Sales Mind by Helen Kensett

Part strategy, part psychology Sales Mind blends business with mindfulness to redefine selling. But don’t be fooled into thinking this book falls into the category many of its predecessors do. It’s not about ‘secret formulas’ or ‘unlocking potential’ like most other jargon cluttered business guides. Author and sales guru Helen Kensett doesn’t claim she’s going to help you make a quick buck or secure that promotion you’ve had your eye on. No, Sales Mind is a practical tool. You can use it to tackle real business challenges, cut through the cliches and step change your sales techniques.

Something that really stands out about the book are the beautiful illustrations. With the help of the talented Kat Leuzinger each of the 48 tools come to life in an inspiring way. Bye bye boring charts and undecipherable diagrams, hello motivational and accessible drawings. Mundane business exercises are turned into interactive drawings and there’s even an opportunity to do some colouring in!

All of these unique touches contribute to making the book a learning experience, rather than a chore. The clear structure alongside Helen’s style of writing, makes you feel like you’re in the room with her (albeit a room full of the most esteemed business minds of the twenty-first century) rather than a lecture. And who wouldn’t want to be in a room with Helen? She’s worked with everyone from Twitter to KMPG and now runs her own tech business, CogniClick. Whether you’re looking to kick start your business, grow your client base or update your skill set, you’re in very good hands.

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Sales Mind by Helen Kensett. Published by Profile Books, 2016.

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