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New Year, New Brand

Squirrel Sisters is a health and wellness company with a range of award-winning snack bars. Founded by sisters Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell who are on a mission to help people make better and healthier choices more often. Their seriously tasty on-the-go bars double up on flavour and are packed with real, honest, good-for- you ingredients with only natural fruit sugars. Yes to delicious, No to compromising. We spoke to Gracie about their recent rebrand and to get an update from our Launch Pad sisters.

In our latest LWL HQ snack run we spotted some new packaging on our favourite go to snack? Do we spy a re-brand?

We recently made the decision to re-brand. We were given an exciting opportunity by Design Bridge, one of the UK’s leading Design Agencies, who took us on as a sparkler brand.

We choose to collaborate with Design Bridge to evolve the Squirrel Sisters brand and visual identity to take it to the next level as the brand expands into new and wider markets.

We already had connections with Design Bridge and, as they are experts in brand design with a wealth of experience in FMCG, they were the natural choice for us. They immediately got our brand and understood what we needed to achieve; both from a creative and commercial perspective.

Aha, so exciting! And what is the story behind the new brand?

Our new packaging reflects the brand story and personality with quirky touches, such as placing an acorn in the negative space of the ‘Q’, which add’s extra layers of discovery and storytelling. Everyone loves the logo because it’s ‘us’ (the sisters) and shows our sisterly bond through the tails shaping into a heart. `The gold foil adds that premium feel, representing the quality of our ingredients. We retain the illustration style and pack layout so it wasn’t too much of a change for our existing customers.

And for our followers who haven't yet got their paws on a bar, where can they find you?

You can find our products stocked in over 1000 stores across the UK including select Waitrose and Morrisons stores, Selfridges, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Ocado, BP (M&S forecourts) and many more.

And the honest, good for you ingredients?

All our products are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, raw and contain no added sugar (we just use whole dates to bind and sweeten our products), which is why we have been certified by Sugarwise. We have also won 3 Great Taste awards, The Bronze Free From Award and The Women’s Health BEST bar/ball snack award..

To find out more visit their website:

And follow them on social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook): @squirrelsisters

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