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Every Sunday, Arti Kashyap-Aynsley drops by to discuss all the many things we may be facing, feeling or going through in our day to day lives. Share your questions and / or requests for topics with Arti anonymously at


So often as women we are told to be bold, to put ourselves forward and to go after what we want. Just think of the Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In” movement that began years ago and has women all over the globe pushing themselves constantly to put themselves forward. To me it sounds and looks like we are making progress especially as we are seeing more female leaders, female run businesses, female activists / bloggers / general bad asses, etc. But what does it actually mean to Lean In? And how does Leaning In relate to this idea of self-promotion? While it seems to be getting easier at Leaning In, is it getting harder to just gloat a little and be okay with it?

Leaning In so to speak to me represents putting ourselves forward, taking risks and as Brene Brown would say putting ourselves essentially in the arena. But what about being able to openly self-promote ourselves, brag about the great things we have achieved and openly take in all the greatness that we have earned?

How often do we second guess or cringe at the idea of that social media post that has us talking about all the great things in our lives whether achievements and / or daily happenings?

Some of you may read this and think it all comes naturally and others I am hoping can resonate with me on saying self-promotion and all that it comes with is hard. I often find myself scrolling through Instagram looking at other people’s successes, thinking mine are not that great and therefore not worthy of a post. I mean what if success for me on any given day was simply just getting out of bed, shouldn’t that count and / or be enough for me to be okay with gloating? Instead I find myself feeling like I would get laughed at and / or just passed by for being insignificant.

Why do other people's reactions and / or perceptions matter enough to dictate what and / how I decide to gloat?

This month Ladies who Launch is focusing on this idea of being brave and bold – which all neatly aligns to our next inspiring event with moments of sense and style, buy tickets here if you haven’t already – and I want to start a movement.

A movement that has this community challenging themselves to break down the walls of self-judging and second guessing and instead celebrating, promoting and just allowing ourselves the space to be DAMN PROUD of all we have done and achieved no matter what that looks like.

This for me is literally my worst nightmare – I cringe so badly on all things self-promotion, including the messaging I leave at the end of these posts asking for people to openly contact me. So I see and feel all the hesitation that may be going through your mind. But what do we have to lose? We owe it to ourselves to celebrate and be proud of our successes and to just put them out there for the world to know, here and see.

Want to get involved? Over the course of June share your successes, self-promote however that looks like for you and just put yourself out there across social media in whatever form suits, e.g., video’s, stories, pictures, etc. Tag @ladieswholaunch_ and @the_wellness_chief in your post and also use the hashtag #ItsABeBoldMovement

For some inspiration have a look at Chessie King’s account on Instagram (@chessiekingg), she literally lights my desire to be bolder on fire.

Here is to a month of inspiring and supporting each other to be okay with celebrating just how amazing we each individually are.

Lots of love and wishes for being bold always,

Arti, AKA the Wellness Chief xxx

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