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Introducing The Wellness Chief


We at LWL could not be more excited to welcome Arti Kashyap-Aynsley into our team. Arti, aka the Wellness Chief, will be running a weekly column here on the blog looking at Transformation.

“Transformation” can be defined as a marked change in form, nature, or appearance. In looking at the definition, one could argue that we are in a constant state of transformation – especially as women, we are constantly redefining ourselves, our roles and places in society and life.

Alongside each and every one of our transformations comes a whole host of questions, challenges, moments of reflection and revelations, this is why @ladieswholaunch_ HQ we have decided to add a resident transformational coach to the team that will be answering your questions week-on-week.

Meet @the_wellness_chief our new resident coach, who is a catalyst on a mission to alter the corporate world in her day job, and also spending her evenings and weekends supporting transformations of all kinds. She herself is a constant transformation in action and has seen herself through some tremendous challenges, questions, reflections and revolutionary moments. She gets it and understands that sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. Looking out for her new column starting on the blog next Sunday and if you have any questions get in touch!

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