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In Pursuit of Happiness

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

by Athena Georgiou

Hello Ladies, my name is Athena, and I am a Happiness Coach. I help women increase and maintain their happiness by achieving goals and focusing on the positives. This is attained by focusing on areas within their life that bring them the most satisfaction. Together we evaluate their situation and build a better method for maintaining those natural hormones called Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin. I do not offer advice or tell women what to do, instead through my tools and techniques, we are able to identify what their ideal future will look like, what is most important to them and have a better understanding of their end goal. It’s never too late to be happy on an everyday basis, even if the excuse is the weather. Let’s get rid of those short spurts of happiness and bring on consistency.

But why is it so important to be happy?

Sometimes it seems that we live in a chronic state of stress. The problem is that when we experience stress, our bodies enter into that "fight or flight" mode – our heart rate increases, breathing becomes shallow, cortisol is released and even our cognition becomes impaired. My clients have explained that they don't feel themselves and struggle to regain control as quickly as possible when they are in a stressful situation, this is why one of the areas I focus on is STRESS & ANXIETY.

Motivating woman to rebuild and take back the control provides me with a-lot of satisfaction.Feeling stressed and having anxiety is within all of us and can prevent us from feeling happy or moving creatively forward, but taking hold of it can change everything. In a stressful situation, it’s helpful to remind yourself that you can only control your actions and responses, no one else’s. Take things slow and try not to let your anxieties run away with you. Acknowledging that stress and worry is a natural by-product of life, your mindset to how you process anxiety will need to change. When a stressful thought arises, ask yourself, “Will worrying about this situation make it any better?” If the answer is “No,” then let the worry dissipate. 

Using a positive mindset and the tools I have to offer with coaching, you will gradually regain the power to handle any situation. Research shows that a sense of positive well-being can lower stress-related hormones and lead to better immune function (meaning, happy people get sick less often). And similar research suggests that happier people tend to live longer lives. Quite simply, happier people are healthier people. 

Athena Georgiou


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