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If you only do one thing this Black Friday...

Hello Ladies,

I’m Eleanor, The Better Brand Consultant. For the past ten years, I’ve been working in PR & Marketing for a host of big name brands. I’ve learnt a lot along the way, but most of all I learnt that the constant SELL SELL SELL nature of marketing can be incredibly toxic, for both people and the planet. So this year I launched my own consultancy, with the mission of working solely to raise the profiles of sustainable and ethical companies, and people who were doing things a bit ‘better’ in the world.

As we wind down for the end of the year and embark on the festive season, we can look back and acknowledge that 2018 will be remembered for a lot of things. One of those things has been the growth of collective awareness around what we’re buying, who we’re buying it from and where it’s ending up. And so it feels like now is a good time to take a more “conscious” approach to Christmas.

I’ve teamed up with LWL to bring you a 12 Days Of Christmas gift guide, because, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to notice that the “shopping event of the year” Black Friday is upon us and you’ll have Every. Single. Brand. – some good, some not so good - scrambling for your festive shopping dollar.

Over the next 12 days, we’ll be giving you considered and alternative options from within the LWL community to beat the “BUY NOW” buzz.

With this gift guide you can feel confident that you are supporting somebody who has bravely followed their vision, worked hard to produce a beautiful product, and will value your custom more than the folks at amazon ever will…

Each gift has been hand picked and you’ll be able to find something for everyone from the foodies to the fashionistas. And because we all love a bargain, look out for the special LWL offers and discounts which they’ve kindly offered.

We hope you like it, and most of all, we hope you have a lovely Christmas.



Eleanor is passionate about supporting brands and individuals who are out to do things a little bit better.

If this sounds like you, head over to her site and leave your details with a little bit of information about what you’re looking for and how Eleanor can help.

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