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How to be seen online without fear taking over…

by Samantha Hearne, Mindset & Anxiety Coach and founder of A Happy Mind

Firstly, fear of being seen online does not make you weak or any less of a girl boss! Its just a mindset shift we need to make. 

These simple steps are going to;

  • Boost your confidence in your message

  • Allow you to fully embrace sharing your message  

  • Not focus on the fear, but focus on the growt

What impact will your message have on others?

Sit and ask yourself this question and REALLY answer it! The more you focus on WHY you are showing up online and WHO you are impacting, the more confidence you will give yourself to actually keep showing up. 

It’s that mindset shift from ‘what if people see me and judge me or laugh at me’ to ‘I cannot wait to be there for this person and help support them with this message.’ 

So first and foremost, sit with that question and be crystal clear with yourself and your message and WHY you even want to show up in the first place! 

Have a plan

This makes a huge difference. For so many reasons, but a fundamental reason is to stop fear and anxiety having a reason to talk to you and find a loop whole that they can take advantage of.  Having a plan and being clear on what you are saying and how you are saying it, will keep you in a confident frame of mind. 

The moment you show up without a plan, is when your confidence will drop and you will focus on all of the flaws instead of all of the golden nuggets. 


  • Write a list of what you will say when you show up online

  • Have some clear bullet points of what you want to cover

  • Know who you are directing this message to

  • How will you and your community feel AFTER your content (this is HUGE!)

This simple list will give you more reasons to show up, that to hide. More reasons to share your message, than to keep it to yourself and it all comes from being clear with yourself and clear with who and why you are showing up. 

Once again, shifting your mindset from ‘who will judge me’ to ‘who can I serve and support.’

Every time you show up, you are getting yourself out there. You are being seen by 1 new person and 1 new potential client or opportunity. Being seen is your way of growing. 

If you stay where you have always been, you will continue to get what you have always got.

YOU will be the reason that you thrive or you struggle in the online space and in your niche. So think of all of the chances you are creating by being seen. 

Going live...

  • Meeting a potential new client

  • Growing my community 

  • Connecting with someone that needed my message today

  • Being recommended and tagged in the comments so another person sees

This is a very simple example of what that could look like for you. 

Write down where you want to show up and before you do so, write down all of the ways you can grow from showing up on this platform or in the way you want to. What will come of it that will allow you to thrive?

Your energy and message will attract the right people, and these will be the people that stick around, and you connect with and these people will become your tribe. Once you start to notice this, the worry of being judged will diminish and you will be reminded of just why you showed up in the first place. To impact these amazing people who you can now call your tribe. 

Show up. Shine. Be awesome! 

Samantha is an anxiety, mindset and start-up business coach for women who are ready to let go of fear and anxiety and thrive in the life they truly deserve. 

So many business women struggle with insecurities and anxiety and Samantha coaches these amazing women to shine in their businesses and show up with confidence every single day. 

Samantha is also a bestselling author, public speaker and podcaster, where she continues to share her message of overcoming anxiety and living a life that makes you genuinely happy.

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