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We spoke to our launching lady Fab Giovanetti about her new book Make an Impact and how she wants to give back to the community, by sharing tips, research and the habits of highly influential people.

I am lucky enough to know incredible people who, at the core level, are empowering others. Whether it's educating, inspiring, demystifying, making a positive change. This is why I want to write a book that reflects what I learnt from influential people who are spreading an incredible message of health (mental, physical, and all of the above). 

My name is Fab, and I am the founder of Whole Influence and the Health Bloggers Community. I work with people who actually want to grow their influence to make a positive change. And yet, thanks to the rise of the new "social influencers", instead of realising the incredible impact we may have on 100 people with just one picture, we are still feeling discouraged because the number of the people who we influence is not a million or two.

I believe most people who want to become a professional in my industry - health, and wellness - have a big responsibility of influencing others. It’s not just about consumer choices, it’s about making a positive impact, looking to inspire a change in people's behaviours and mindset. With this book, I aim to bring perceptive to what, in my personal opinion, being an influencer in any given field is - and what, after researching and cross-referencing habits and beliefs of over 1,000 “influencers”, makes one.

We touched over 10,500 bloggers and influencers in some way via our community, the HBC, in the last five years. They came and they went off on their mission, and most of them are now creating incredible things. 

The book is a collection of stories from some of the top influencers out there (including Rupy Aujla, Hazel Wallace and Pixie Turner (to name but a few) and research on over 1,000 people on habits, rituals and what they have learnt along the way. 

So how can you get involved?

Head over to my CrowdFunding page now to help support this project and ensure this book gets made. In return for your generosity and support, in return for your pledge we will offer you one of the following rewards:

All rewards redeemable within 15 days of the pledge - book estimated publication November.

  • HBC lifetime membership: with over 150 videos, audio lessons, checklists and worksheets, as well as weekly challenges in our Facebook group, you'll learn everything around content creation, working with brands and launching your own products. More Info.

  • HBC yearly event pass:  Learn from inspirational thought-leaders and connect with like-minded passionate people. Discover the hottest trends and key learnings and try incredible goodies. Event Calendar.

  • Mentorship programs:  If you’re just starting as a new influencer, we will show you the way. If you’re stuck and do not seem to grow anymore, we will provide the clarity you seek. We want to make sure your content is a hit and we want to help you find what, quite literally, makes you tick. We use our decades of experience, we have helped thousands of bloggers make an impact and grow their influence. More info.

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