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December Book Club Pick: One Life

Updated: Mar 6

As we enter the last month of what has been an (buzzword alert!) UNPRECEDENTED year, I want to reflect on how grateful I am to share my love for reading with so many of you. Escaping reality through great books has helped me get through this year. It's gotten me through ups and downs at work, has calmed my anxiety before bed, has made me laugh out loud and has led to rich, lively discussions that have helped shape my worldview. Though it's not always easy to carve out time to read, the ability to temporarily close out the world around us and dive into a book is something we cannot take for granted, especially now.

On that note, we're going to close out 2020 with a memoir: One Life by football star, activist and icon Megan Rapinoe. In her book, Rapinoe writes about her love of the game, her early life with a conservative upbringing, and how community engagement and activism have shaped her into the person she is today. One Life is Rapinoe's rallying cry for action - for equality, for justice and for widespread change, and feels like the perfect book to end this year with.

I hope you'll read One Life with us, and that you're inspired to take your one-year-older, wiser and more engaged self into the new year.

Happy reading, and stay healthy!


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