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Day 10: Aaaaaahhhhhh FREAK OUT!!

We've teamed up with The Better Brand Consultant to bring you a 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide. Over the next 12 days, we’ll be giving you considered and alternative options from within the LWL community. Each gift has been hand picked and you’ll be able to find something for everyone from the foodies to the fashionistas. And because we all love a bargain, look out for the special LWL offers and discounts which they’ve kindly offered.

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been guilty of buying things for other people which really we wanted to buy for ourselves. So save the guilt this year and get ready to treat yo’self to this beautiful cashmere and merino knit from A Finer Thread.

Born from a love of embroidery and fashion, LWL member Abigail Gardiner launched A Finer Thread as an independent clothing label and creates high quality, easy to wear embroidered garments all with a personal touch.

AFT believe that there is something extra special about owning something that has been made with love, just for you, and everything is made using the highest quality materials and the finest embroidery threads.

We’ll be freaking out over the 'le freak c'est chic' cashmere and merino knit, and if you’re looking for something that’ll keep your sister/ best friend happy, AFT offer bespoke embroideries for a personalised touch…

Le Freak C’est Chic Cashmere & Merino Knitwear £135

Insta: @a.finerthread

Eleanor is passionate about supporting brands and individuals who are out to do things a little bit better.

If this sounds like you, head over to her site and leave your details with a little bit of information about what you’re looking for and how Eleanor can help.

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