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Breathe to Succeed

We’re joined by @sandyabrams for this week’s #LWLbookclub as she discusses her new book and why you need to breathe to succeed.


Technology has revolutionized the way we do business. We’re constantly connected to devices that dictate where we focus our attention. That’s not great for focus, clarity or workflow, not to mention mindset and energy. Working at the pace of technology is not sustainable but thankfully there’s an antidote: mindful breath. In Breathe to Succeed, I share breath and mindset tools from my 30 years of yoga practice and explore how I took them off the mat and into my entrepreneurial life for game changing results. When you connect your mind and body and commit to being self-aware about your thoughts throughout the day, you can work from your optimal energy and reach goals effortlessly. This can be done in under 90 seconds through simple and powerful breath practices. We’ve all got time for that! There’s a reason that some big corporations now have full time Chief Mindfulness Officers. It’s Science! Mindful breathing helps in business on so many levels: clarity for better decisions; more meaningful connections and communication; and enhancing creativity and productivity. It’s time to take back control from our devices and schedule reminders for mindful breath throughout the day. Soon enough, it becomes second nature. Your body craves these short yet rejuvenating and nourishing sessions to transform your energy, mood, mindset and perspective. It's time that we focused more on #WorkplaceWellness for both success and wellness. Let’s Breathe more! Mindful Breath is always accessible, it’s free, it can be done at any moment and it’s completely sustainable. Start now by closing your eyes and taking three deep, mindful breaths... Watch the magic begin!

Breathe to Succeed by Sandy Abrams. Red Wheel Books, 2019.

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