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Be moved. Be Motivated.

Our next event is on Saturday 29th June at Kindred London. Get your tickets here

At LWL we believe in the power of telling your story.

There is something incredibly inspiring about hearing a person unpack and explore the journey they have gone on to date. The hows, the whys, the whens and the nows. It provides a unique insight into the person, and the space they occupy.

When we first started this platform, we shared stories about women we knew - friends, family, colleagues. With each new day, our mission and message trickled through whatsapp groups, instagram feeds, dinner parties and conversation. And with each new week we started to receive more and more beautiful story submissions from women we had never met, and whose stories were so wonderfully different to our own.

In September 2017 we uncovered a story that moves us as much today as it did the first day we read it. We had been honoured with a story like nothing we had read before. We were to discover the incredible power of love, bravery and determination. We were reminded of the beauty that can be found in the smallest and most simple of things. We were humbly reminded of the fragility of today, the way something can change in a heartbeat and the importance of living each and every single day.

For the next edition of Ladies-who-Brunch we are delighted to be joined by our very own launching lady Syreeta Challinger. A life shattering event led Syreeta to found Moments Of Sense & Style, a lifestyle brand and creative consultancy. The ethos is founded in love, in simplicity; in beauty.

“Life. Being a human, is not linear. Sometimes joyful, sometimes messy. Other times dark and desperately painful.”

So join us on Saturday 29th June for a very special and personal event. Set against the backdrop of our stunning new home from home Kindred, Syreeta will share with us her special edition of “Brave & bold; how business can be beautiful” followed by a delicious breakfast from Kindred’s on site restaurant, The Cellar.

This event aims to champion the diverse range of women whose stories we share on our Launch Pad and who make up our community. It’s about forging new friendships, opportunities and coming together to listen and learn. Whether you’re a founder, a super mum, a university student, a CEOs, an intrepreneur, an entrepreneur, a colleague, a friend, a writer, a freelancer, a corporate, or a retiree - there is a place for you at our table.

Like all of our events to date, this is about creating a space where people can come together and share common experience, can discuss those difficult questions that we never seem to find the right time to ask, to learn and question what role we all play in making our businesses and our consumer choices more brave, more bold and more beautiful.

Consider this your formal invitation to find out more about us, more about yourself and more about the stories that can move and motivate us.

We hope to see you there.

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