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Ladies-who-Launch was founded in April 2017 by Emma Tattersall. The campaign celebrates women in all that they do, with the simple aim of empowering the next generation of strong and fearless women and providing inspiration for women all over the world.

Ladies-who-Launch aims to share simple interviews with women of any age and in any profession all answering simple questions about what they do every day. This is all about having a forum to share our own paths through life, and showcasing different routes to fulfilment in order to instil in other women confidence about their own potential. I have a genuine desire to champion and support female success in every way and this site is hopefully the beginning of something really great.

Everyone has a fascinating story to tell, about how they got to where they are today and where they see themselves in the future. To feature on The Launch Pad, we have asked our ladies to fill out a 15 question questionnaire (which can be downloaded by clicking on one of the "Tell your story" links) and returning it with a photo. 



Emma wanted to create a space to celebrate all the amazing things women are doing every single day. This platform is for founders, super mums, university students, CEOs, intrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, colleagues, friends, writers, freelancers to corporates... there’s a place for every story. 


"I want this site to foster connectivity and stimulate conversation by providing thought- rich content and giving a voice to those who want to be heard. I want to promote a more equal, diverse and kind world by celebrating the stories of women with wonderfully unique journeys and to shine a spotlight on the brilliance of the things they are doing every day."

For further information about LWL, all press enquiries and requests for interview

please contact



Emily Jagos is originally from Ohio, and after moving all over the country with her now-husband, she has settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR) with her cat (and new kitten!). Emily works as an innovation apparel designer for Adidas by day, and the rest of the time she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors hiking and biking. Fitness is a big passion of hers, as is wine, good food, and spending time with friends. Emily started Literally in the spring of 2019 as a place for women to gather to discuss books, friendships, love, work, how we as women navigate it all. She also wanted an outlet to meet new women in Portland, to make new friends and broaden her literary horizons. Emily will be leading the LWL and Literally collaboration.



Lily Edwards is another Aussie living in London. After living in Melbourne and Shanghai, Lily came over to London for a working holiday and never left - she came for the galleries but stayed for Pret. She has a diploma in Events Management and loves volunteering her time in the events space. She is passionate about helping people talk about money, grow their business and share their stories via social media. When she’s not on Instagram, Lily loves reading, beer gardens, (amateur) photography and going to the park to look at the dogs.

Lily is Starling Bank’s Social Media Manager by day, a Social Media Consultant by night and is helping LWL with all things social savvy.

And a big thank you to these ladies who have been with us at some point in our journey so far...

Arti Kashyap-Aynsley
Kate Phipps
Hannah Hamilton
Eleanor O'Leary
Fi Johnston
Phoebe Muchmore
Jennifer McNeill
Kate Campbell


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